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On the Swedish Farm / A Day in the Life

• • • It’s ridiculous that I spent weeks waiting for people to come into Uppsala, and the minute the trickle of incoming students turned into a steady stream for Orientation Week, I feel overwhelmed. I haven’t yet spent a full weekend in Uppsala, I realized. The first weekend was…


Swedish Shit / What is Fika?

• • • Fika is a Swedish term that essentially means “to have a coffee with a pastry / cake”. It differs from, say, the way Americans say “go for a coffee” or Taiwanese say, “喝下午茶” in that it can be used both as a noun and a verb – you can fika…


Taipei Nightlife Guide / 2014

• • • Note: I originally published this post as an “honest” guide to nightlife in Taipei. I took it down when I changed the direction of my site, but by request, I am putting it back up – with changes. While it’s relatively justified to be snarky and judgmental in…


Small Beginnings / Exchange Life in Uppsala

• • • I just completed my first official week in Uppsala, Sweden. It’s the early days. Strange that someday – perhaps someday soon – I will look back at this post and laugh. Right now, I’m not laughing. • • • • • • I’ll be living in Uppsala…

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Summering in Gnesta

One of the glorious things about Stockholm summer-time is the concept of going away from the (relative) hustle of city-life to a country retreat. The city virtually empties out as Stockholmers leave to chase the sun, with plans to return near the end of August. Of course, some do leave…


Stockholm Syndrome

• • • In my ideal life, I’d spend winters in Asia – I need bowls of hot noodles during the winters, and I need them to be good. But summers, they’d be for Stockholm. Stockholm summers are perfect. None of the stickiness of Taipei, when every foul stench of the…


Vignette B / Hong Kong

• • • photo by Jamie Kao, of bytuesday • • • For a few nights, I crashed at his one-room box of an apartment, right within the sight of Asia’s most luxurious towers. Fit nothing but a mattress and his shoes, all lined up against the left side of…


Young & Hungry / 10 Days in Hong Kong

photos via my immensely talented friend Jamie Kao of bytuesday • • • Hong Kong blindsided me. It all happened so fast. I’ve never given the city much thought – for many Taipei expats, Hong Kong is alternately a destination for a three-day weekend of no-limits decadence and indulgence, or a convenient…


Vignette A / Ekerö, Sweden

I chose to go work at a Swedish farm for the summer because it seemed just about the farthest thing from Taipei I could possibly think of. It was no great escape—living in Taipei was my bliss, my constant, never-changing bliss. Falling asleep to the puttering of motorbikes, waking up to…


Forgiveness with Pablo Neruda

• • • I don’t think that I’m the kind of person that lets go easily. It is certainly the front that I put up. When I initially meet people, I don’t hesitate to reel off a list of cities I’ve come to, and left.. New York City. Los Angeles….