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Must-see Taiwanese, Chinese and Hong Kong Films

I just discovered East Asian cinema (sadly, this is not an exaggeration), and since then I’ve been rippin’ through movies – and my kitting has benefitted – like madwoman. I’m ashamed to say that prior to these past half-year, the only Chinese-language film I’d watched was 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You Are the Apple of my Eye). 超丟臉. Rough Translation: FUCKIN’ […]

Time for Taiwan: Taiwan Architecture On the Rise

Taiwan is an island (a fact that a surprising amount of people don’t know) and at times living and working in Taipei seems like being cut off from the rest of the global design, fashion, culinary (and on) conversation. Cultural trends reach us much later than the neighboring cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo. – It also […]

Taiwanese Craft Beer: 五十五街精釀啤酒 55th Street Craft Brewery

I first came upon 55th Street 五十五街精釀啤酒 when doing an assignment at 香色 during a long day of shooting/interviewing for the Marriott #TravelBrilliantly Taipei VSCO Journal. We ordered an array of food & drink for the table – saw a local beer listed on the menu and figured, well, why not, it was almost noon. We had a sweet […]

Taiwanese Craft Beer: Alechemist 禾餘麥酒

The made-in-Taiwan story in terms of beer is essentially summed up as this: Taiwan Beer 台灣啤酒 rules the market – always has, and still does – with roughly around 72% share of a market that exceeds over 80 million NT per year in revenue. Owned by the government-run Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp, 台啤 (the […]

Taichung in Monocle

Monocle magazine recently published a feature on the central city of Taichung 台中 in their latest issue (85) in a feature entitled Built to Plan – and as usual, elicited the usual bi-polar reaction – ranging from enthusiastic shares on social media to complaints – mostly from foreigners of the insufferable-Taiwan-expat of-ambiguous-career variety – that this coverage was […]

Select Shop Native & Co Brings Taiwanese Design to London

In the process of creating the Taipei edition of Spottly Insider Magazine, I interviewed creative Musee Wu, founder of A&M, a creative agency in Taiwan that’s worked on some impressive projects, including country-wide visual merchandising for Hermès and a 2012 Taipei feature on Wallpaper*. During the course of our interview, I kept pushing her to talk about wisdom […]