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The Noonday Demon

At the end of last year, I quit my job, where I became the punching bag for a lot of people in Shanghai, and oh, I punched back. I should have quit earlier, and it wasn’t so much as a resignation as it was just FLEEING the scene of a crime: the death of Stephanie. Once […]

Beggars for Affection

There are pieces of writing, written almost carelessly on a Tumblr or a WordPress, that I know I will remember forever. This is one of them. This particular gem has resonated with me so much that even four long years later, I looked it up on Tumblr and it still makes my heart ache. – […]

Salt I

As a reluctant conscript in the American high school literary curriculum, the most dreaded text was always Homer’s The Odyssey – dreaded largely for its irrelevance to – well, anything. Capricious gods and tormented hero-figures, stranded so far from home – what is a pimply suburban high-schooler supposed to make of all that? But as the years […]


  “I think I lived alone before I knew ya.” (Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen)   I’m guilty of something I call hit-and-run domesticity. It’s become an addiction that I crave. • • •  The first time I went over to his place, his shoes were jumbled up in a pile against the white-washed walls of his fourth […]

Vignette B / Hong Kong

For a few nights, I crashed at his one-room box of an apartment, right within the sight of Asia’s most luxurious towers. Fit nothing but a mattress and his shoes, all lined up against the left side of the narrow hallway. There’s an old man who lived in the building across from him, his window […]