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New Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Taipei: 2016

It’s been eight months since the beginning of 2016, and nearly eight months since I’ve last written in this space – this bloggers comes hanging her head in shame. Part of the blame lies in that fact that I’ve taken a job in Shanghai and now live there full-time. But as I do end up returning every […]

UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: Honest Taipei Nightlife Itineraries

This is the last in my nightlife series, including my original • Taipei Nightlife Guide 2015 •  Taipei Bars and Clubs [Update: FW15]. • Chess Taipei Has Closed: Collecting the Pieces I’ve left my on-site job in nightlife and I am all about that Netflix-in-bed life, so let’s call this a bit of a recap now […]

City Guide: A GRANA Taipei Weekend Guide

For those in the know, a quick weekend trip to Taipei is a staple for those wanting a quick escape from the frantic pace of life that characterises other East Asian metropolises. Often seeming more like a small island town than a major capital city, to simply tick off a rote list of standard sights […]

Best Taipei Cafes: with Taiwanese Menswear Label WISDOM

I was introduced to Taiwanese menswear label WISDOM through friends just this past month – and immediately loved their aesthetic, what they term “Urban Outdoor.” Very clean, very well-crafted; combining the quality of traditional outdoor gear with an urban edge: and all proudly Made in Taiwan.  I was even more intrigued when they debuted a look-book shot […]

Taipei Brunch Spots and Cafes with @TaipeiFoodie

For all things traditional and hole-in-the-wall, I follow my girl @taipeieats: but for the latest updates on cafe culture and new trends such a cold-pressed juices and soft-serve, I follow Leslie at @taipeifoodie, who I interviewed before for a magazine project. Leslie works in advertising after moving back to Taipei from the US, and in […]

Taipei Bars and Clubs: A FW15 Update

It’s that time of the year, kids: the holidays – which, if you’re past the legal drinking age of 18 – essentially means “a [more] socially acceptable occasion to get shitfaced. Lots of visitors will be coming into Taipei these next few months for such momentous events such as Halloween, Christmas vacation, New Year, Chinese […]