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The Best Hair Salon in Taipei: Where to Get a Haircut and Balayage in Taipei

You know how I always complain about how the number one question I get when visitors – especially of the ABC variety – come back for the holidays or for extended visits is: “Where should I party in Taipei?” and then I wrote a post about it? I lied – the number one question I get asked […]

BYREDO Taiwan: Scandinavian-based Spice at 10|10 Apothecary

– I’ve never been one for perfumes. Going to the make-up counters at the massive stores at 新光三越 always filled me dread – everything I’ve found out there is too cloying, sickly sweet – too girly. All around, judging eyes – she’s so tan, where did she get so tan? I’m not a Chanel No. 5-wearing classic beauty […]

Taiwan Skincare Routine: My Korean-Influenced Top Shelf

A light-hearted beauty-centric post, inspired by similar “top shelf interviews” in major US-based beauty blog Into the Gloss.  – Recently, I’ve become obsessed with studying the routines of the most skin-conscious women in the world: the Koreans. Make-up is one thing; I can’t deny that many of the LA girls I grew up with have got […]