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Four Really Delicious Things I Ate at Yiamas Greeka Taverna

tl;dr: Reasonably-priced comfort food in Taipei’s city centre. A smattering of Greek-ish dishes (it’s Taiwan, so everything is adjusted for the local palate) such as moussaka, souvlaki and gyros. Meat-lovers will appreciate their famed lemon chicken and lamb chops. Mains range from 300-500. Also on rotation: hearty American comfort food like nachos (on their secret menu, which you […]

Taipei Bar Alert: East End at Hotel Proverbs Taipei

tl;dr: Despite boasting impressive credentials (co-opened by famed Japanese cocktail master Hidetsugu Ueno of Tokyo’s Bar High Five), cocktail bar EAST END on the third floor of Taipei’s the hotel-of-the-moment Hotel Proverbs suffers from an abysmal lack of service. Could not recommend. I’ve worked in some form of service before, and am friends with many F&B entrepreneurs […]

Taiwanese Craft Beer: Alechemist 禾餘麥酒

The made-in-Taiwan story in terms of beer is essentially summed up as this: Taiwan Beer 台灣啤酒 rules the market – always has, and still does – with roughly around 72% share of a market that exceeds over 80 million NT per year in revenue. Owned by the government-run Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp, 台啤 (the […]