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  1. Nnedi Ugo or 奈迪美 says

    Wow this is awesome! I was searching on recommendations on which school to choose to study Chinese in Taiwan and I came across your website. First of all, I love your humor. You seem like someone filled with character. I have to meet you when I go to Taiwan, seriously. Secondly, I am highly considering in taking Chinese again. To give you some background, I took Chinese for a semester in college, but it was so easy and absolute bs. From there, I studied a year in China (under the chinese govt scholarship) in mainland in Shanghai studying Chinese from the bottom to like I would say the end of beginner leveled and it was awesome! I had to leave my program about 2 months early before the 10 month mark. I was sad, but looking back, I just loved it so much and I really want to do it again, but to change it up I want to do it in Taiwan. For I have heard one too many good things about Taiwan. Plus, I want to improve my Chinese…pick up a new language that I can become fluent in you know? So glad I came across your website. Let me just say…I love the design of it. So pleasing to my eyes and simple.

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