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Taipei Bar Alert: FRANK Taipei


• tl;dr: This intimate 10th floor Xinyi District lounge has been doing quite well since its opening last year, and thus is your best option for drinks in the ATT4FUN building – managing to dole out quality cocktails and draw a relatively interesting crowd at once.

Being that the most popular posts on THE THOUSANDTH GIRL are nightlife-related – and it’s looking more and more like a F&B/nightlife career for me – figured that I should keep writing about Taipei nightlife. Had dinner with a friend and he’s been ditching me at my regular haunt Marquee for some place called FRANK for months now – so figured that I’d hear him out on its merits, and try it for myself. Found these oversaturated shots on Retail Design Blog of the new player in town. Opened and staffed by the team behind Barcode (which left that particular establishment with very, very little going for it these days), FRANK is sadly deep within the elevator-deficient bowels of the ATT4FUN building. When is someone going to open a decent bar that’s not inside that building, aside from Marquee?


The decor is pretty fucking tacky (those shiny deer heads, cringe) – but typical fare for an upmarket Xinyi District lounge. In fact, slightly above the curve (gives a side-eye to LMNT, Barcode, HALO). Supposedly, with the name being FRANK and all, the interiors are festooned with paintings depicting famed figures also named Frank (Frank Sinatra, Frank Lloyd Wright – you get the drift). Another thing Frank has going for it is a large balcony, stretching across the entire back of the bar and boasting prime views of the sole landmark in Taipei worth paying premium drink princes to look at.

The cocktails are pretty decent – not a surprise, given Barcode’s original role in bringing “quality” cocktails to Taipei (this is before it degenerated into a weird cesspool of obnoxious rich locals, creepy foreign conference attendees and scantily clad may-be-JD? may-be-not girls.) Extra points given, since it is – again, I reiterate – a lounge bar in the ATT4FUN building. These are the best drinks you’ll get in the entire building, despite fierce competition from the sour-faced, mixed-drinks slinging assholes at HALO and the expertly trained mixologists at ELEKTRO better known as “the girls in bikinis who bring you your champagne train”. Service at Frank is prompt and polite, just as it should be, HALO. 

Would recommend on the weekdays as an o-kay place to take a date or a small group of friends – things get crowded on the weekends, but the crowd is actually interesting – again, I reiterate, given that it’s a lounge bar in the ATT4FUN building. I just wanted to manage your expectations. The bar is open until 3am, but most people move downstairs to ELEKTRO or onto OMNI afterwards.

So – cheers to the best lounge ever IN THE ATT4FUN BUILDING. I still don’t get why the fuck this bar is called FRANK! Who is Frank, besides this weird, gimmicky life-sized statue with a lampshade for a head that greets you at the entrance? A champagne train downstairs at ELEKTRO for anyone who can enlighten me.



Address: 10 F No. 12 Songshou Rd
地址: 信義區松壽路12號10F
Reservations recommended on weekends.
Photos via Retail Design Blog

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