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Four Really Delicious Things I Ate at Yiamas Greeka Taverna


tl;dr: Reasonably-priced comfort food in Taipei’s city centre. A smattering of Greek-ish dishes (it’s Taiwan, so everything is adjusted for the local palate) such as moussaka, souvlaki and gyros. Meat-lovers will appreciate their famed lemon chicken and lamb chops. Mains range from 300-500. Also on rotation: hearty American comfort food like nachos (on their secret menu, which you should ask for!) and artichoke dip. Lunch sets are an especially good value.

Note: I went with a vegan and three savage boys, which worked out perfectly fine because my homegirl could still eat nearly everything (the staff was considerate about putting the cheese on the side for the salads and nachos) – she had the veggie skewers and loved it. I only mention the savages part because we had three shots of tequila each with lunch. But besides tequila, here are the OTHER great things I had:


• DIP TRIO: I don’t even know what the name of this dish is. I suck as a food blogger. Anyway, three dips: hummus, an eggplant dip, and a feta cheese dip which is an UNGODLY LEVEL of delicious. You must get this feta dip.


• THE YIAMAS SECRET MENU NACHOS: In the Life of Stephanie, nachos are practically its own food group (along with buffalo wings). Imagine my surprise when they busted out this gorgeous plate of NACHOS!!! from the secret menu. Yes; Yiamas has a secret menu that is no doubt full of equally delicious things; ask them about it.  I had previously thought that The Diner had the best nachos in the city but look at that quivering pile of bright-yellow nacho cheese sauce!!! Nnnngh. 

• THE FAMOUS YIAMAS LEMON CHICKEN: The restaurant’s signature dish, mixing a perfectly roast bird and a tangy lemon sauce that I totally lapped up with a spoon while everyone had already moved on to post-meal coffee (shhhhh). It’s a healthy option and the portion is big enough for two; order this and a few sides and you’re set for dinner. Side note: I realised that “describing roast chicken” is the one of the only acceptable situations in which using the word “moist” is welcomed. Be assured that thicken is VERY MOIST. 


SKEWERS image via @marshmallow21

• SOUVLAKI (Beef, Chicken, Veggie): I would have taken this picture myself but I think I may have been two tequila shots in at this point. There are other places that serve nachos, salads, etc but I can’t think of a single place that does skewers (Greek term “souvlaki” used on the menu) like this. I feel that describing skewers is just a tricky dance around a minefield of sexual innuendos, so I will settle for saying it is REALLY FUCKING GOOD! 

Yiamas also has a fully-stocked bar (I recommend the tequila) and a decent wine selection.

Yiamas Greeka Taverna 亞馬仕希臘餐廳
Address: 大安區安和路二段181巷3號
Reservations: 02 2737-0037

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